Some Quotes from Philip Henry

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♦ “…None but Christ, none but Christ. In all our perils and dangers, personal or public, …fly to Him…trust in Him…rely on Him. Faithful is He that has promised.”



♦ “Is He faithful? Will He not deceive us? I answer: Had you as many souls as you had hairs on your head, you might venture them all on His bare word.”


♦“I dare challenge all the ages of the world and all the records of time and all the people that ever lived on the face of the earth to produce one instance of one person that made the Lord Jesus Christ his hope, that was disappointed…”


All quotes from:

Henry, Philip, Christ All in All, Reformation Heritage Books, 2016

  1. Frances Ullrich - February 22, 2018

    This man had so many wise things to say! Thanks for sharing that Amy!!!

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