Stories Within Stories: The ‘Mr. Pipes’ Series

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Titles: Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers, Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation, Mr. Pipes Comes to America, The Accidental Voyage

Author: Douglas Bond

Publisher: Christian Liberty Press/P & R Publishing

Printed: 2000 – 2007

Number of Pages: 194-258

Douglas Bond, who is a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), inspired by his love for church history and his deep respect and appreciation for hymns and hymn writers, has produced the charming ‘Mr. Pipes’ series. Written for children, but enjoyable for anyone over the age of twelve, his ‘Mr. Pipes’ books are a collection of biographies skilfully woven into the exciting and amusing adventures of the fictional characters, Annie, Drew, and their dear friend Mr. Pipes.

Living in Washington State USA with his wife and four children, Douglas Bond is not only a teacher of history and literature at Covenant High School, but he also guides church history tours in Europe. He has written twenty books and has used his experience and his remarkable power of description to make the European settings of his books come alive.

In the first book of his ‘Mr. Pipes’ series, Annie and Drew are sent to Olney, a small country town in England, for what they believe can only be an extremely boring summer holiday. That, of course, is before they meet Mr. Pipes, a friendly, elderly organist. Using masterful characterization, Douglas Bond portrays these characters so vividly that they become like

friends. It isn’t long before the children discover Mr. Pipes’ love for old hymns and hymn writers. He delights the children with the stories of many well-known British hymn writers while they enjoy many experiences of England as it is today. Through the message of the Gospel so clearly conveyed in the hymns they learn, and through Mr. Pipes’ friendship, Annie and Drew come to know Christ as their Saviour. In the other books in the series, Annie and Drew again meet up with Mr. Pipes and he continues to teach them about the writers of well-known hymns as they tour Europe and as he visits their homeland, America.

These books are a delightful and unique way to discover the stories behind many of our hymns and carols. In the words of Mr. Pipes, hymns are abounding with timeless grandeur and it is a wonderful experience to get to know them through these fun and engaging books. They are excellent books for parents or teachers to read aloud to their children/students or for children to enjoy on their own. Because of the rich historical content, it enhances the books if the reader has a general knowledge of history. For video clips, more information about Douglas Bond’s other books and also to purchase his books, visit

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    Mr. Pipes!!! I really enjoy those books! 

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